WOW Mobile

WOW Mobile and WOW Birthdays
WOW Mobile Programs are designed to bring engaging educational programs and scientific equipment into the community during the summer, bringing the Ocean to almost any venue in Southern Massachusetts or Rhode Island*.

The WOW Mobile visits festivals, clubs and community organizations.  The focus is on experiential learning: using touch tanks filled with local wildlife and challenging learning activities that make science interesting, creative, tangible and fun!

WOW Mobile Programs run from two to eight hours and themed programs can be brought to your site.  Programs include but are not limited to Water, Food Webs, Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Pollution, Whales and Whaling, Marine Habitats and Adaptations and Geology.

The WOW Mobile Programs cost $175 per program hour (2 hour minimum).  To book the WOW Mobile for a full day, any hours beyond four in a given day will cost a discounted rate of $100 per hour.  For example an eight hour festival experience would cost $1,100 for the entire day.

WOW Birthday Programs are a special way to bring the science and excitement to you! Our birthday programs run for one hour for up to 15 children. The cost is $250; additional children are $15 each.

Please note: there is an additional charge for locations outside of New Bedford of $1 per mile each way.

If you would like to learn more about the WOW Mobile or book a WOW Birthday, contact or 508-994-5400.