“The Ocean Explorium is a wonderful experience for children.  Every child should experience this once in their life.”                     – Boys and Girls Club Summer Program

Water – A great option for students Pre-K to Grade 3

Make a splash investigating water in our world. Come explore water as a crucial component for life on our planet and recognize the importance of water conservation. Water’s unique properties, cycle and structure will be investigated throughout.

The Earth in the Solar System – A great option for Elementary and Middle School
The Earth is unlike any other planet in our solar system. Earth’s unique characteristics have allowed it to sustain life for billions of years. Come explore Earth in relation to the other planets of our solar system.

Energy and Living Things – A great option for Elementary and Middle School
Want more energy? Turn up the sundial! The sun powers our planet and almost all of the living things that call Earth home. Explore how photosynthetic organisms harvest the sun’s energy, turning it into chemical energy that moves through ecosystems.

Climate Change –  This program works well for high school and college age students
Hearing a lot about Climate Change, but not sure what to think? It’s time to understand what’s happening and see how our actions affect our planet. Explore the science and policy of solutions.

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Field Trip Program connections to MA DESE Standards