Outreach Experiences

Have the Ocean Explorium come to you!

If you would like to have live touch tank animals at your school, festival or personal event, then book an outreach experience with the Ocean Explorium!

The Ocean Explorium will bring live touch tank animals, including different types of crabs, snails, clams, mussels and much more.  You can also choose from a list of options to customize your experience.  Please see below for details.

School Programming:

Book a program for a class of students (any age or ability) to learn about, touch and examine live tide pool animals.  Students will have the opportunity to hold, ask and answer questions about many different live invertebrate species found along our coast.  You may also book one of the accompanying activities to go along with your programming:

  1. Build an Invertebrate: Students will examine different creatures and recreate their structure using a model
  2. Beach Combing: Students will explore items found on a beach and learn to recognize their origin
  3. CSI Taxonomy: Classify, Sort and Investigate tide pool animals.  Learn to broadly sort organism and determine closely related specimens just like a scientist.

COST: $125 for each program.  Programs last for 45 minutes and can accommodate up to 25 students.  At least two programs must be booked (back to back) for a minimum charge of $250 (if you would like to book two different activities, an additional charge of $50 will be added to the cost).  If the program location is beyond New Bedford there is a charge of $1/mile each way.


Do you have a summer festival, school wide field day, family event, or community gathering with a large number of participants?  Want to add a splash to the festivities?  Then book the Ocean Explorium’s WOW Mobile!  We will bring live touch tank animals to your event, along with manipulatives, coloring sheets and more.  You can choose one of the following themes for your events:

       A.  Invertebrate Adaptations: Use models to recreate the live animals found in our coastal ecosystems
       B.  Food Webs: Build a food chain and examine the interconnectedness of our planet
       C.  The Wonderful World of Water: Explore the properties of water and learn about the water cycle

COST: $175 per programming hour with a minimum required booking of two hours.  To book programming for a full day, any hours beyond four will get a discounted rate of $100 per hour.  For example, an eight hour festival experience would cost $175 for the first four hours, and $100 for the last four hours ($1,100 total).

Birthday Parties (or other personal events):

Ocean Explorium Outreach Experiences are a special way to bring science and excitement to your door! In addition to the live touch tank animals brought to your event, you can choose from one of the below options to personalize your occasion:

       I.  Make a Sea Jelly: Create a model of a sea jelly to take home as a party favor
II.  Fish Food Chain: Make a food chain with a big fish, eating a medium fish eating a smaller fish!
III.  Shark Pup with Egg Case: Kids will create a shark egg case with a pup inside!

COST: $250 for one hour of programming for up to 15 children; additional children are $15 each.  If your location is beyond New Bedford there is an additional charge of $1/mile each way.