It is the mission of the Ocean Explorium to establish New Bedford as a center for ocean science public education, with an emphasis on environmental stewardship and science literacy

The team at the Ocean Explorium seeks to achieve this mission through five objectives:

• To provide a unique and effective vehicle for educating the public about the oceans: acting as a center for the public understanding of science; giving young people a sense of the opportunities available to them in the ocean sciences and other ocean-related industries.

• To act as a hub for the collation and dissemination of information related to ocean sciences and environmental stewardship in New Bedford, Southeastern Massachusetts and throughout the world.

• To provide a framework for networking and unifying marine sustainability and education efforts in the region, partnering with appropriate organizations to enhance common objectives and synergize resources.

• To participate with partners in the downtown area in fostering a rejuvenation and revitalization of the City of New Bedford and in reuniting citizens with their cultural and geographical heritage.

• To reconnect the people of Southeastern Massachusetts with the sea: highlighting the grace, beauty and significance of this essential resource, while emphasizing the importance of the modern seafood industry to local communities.