Living Exhibits

The Ray and Shark Touch Tank

A recent addition to our living exhibits, the Ray and Shark Touch Tank allows guests to see – and feel – some of the most interesting fish in the ocean.

Come visit and explore the aquatic habitat of these social creatures.

Touch, learn and be inspired.  Our touch tank features Cownose Rays, Atlantic Stingrays, and Bamboo Sharks.

The Living Ocean

The Living Ocean exhibit consists of aquatic habitats that highlight issues shown on Science on a Sphere®. A vibrant living coral reef introduces global climate change, coral bleaching and biodiversity. Other live exhibits include Scallops, New England Fishes, Jellyfish, Anemone Fishes, and Seahorses! Observe the staff during feeding to learn more about these animals and their habitats.

Sign up at our gift shop to work directly with the aquarist
staff and help feed our marine life at 11:00 and 2:00.

The Living Laboratory (Now open!)

Most people rarely see the early stages of marine life, the babies of the ocean. The Living Laboratory consists of a series of small living exhibits that display delicate, juvenile marine organisms—e.g., jellyfish euphyrae, larval lobsters, shark egg cases, baby seahorses, etc.

The Living Laboratory includes a Coral Farm exhibit where you can interact with these delicate living organisms and observe the growth of small coral colonies.

Sign up at the gift shop to help fragment and grow your very own coral: everyday at 11:15 am & 3:15 pm.