Explorer In Residence

Rhonda Moniz

In February, 2012, Rhonda Moniz joined the Ocean Explorium as “Explorer in Residence”. In this capacity Rhonda will be able to share with us information from the various jobs she does: underwater videographer, diving safety officer and pilot and engineer for remotely-operated vehicles (ROV).

Rhonda is founder and director of operations for Benthic Exploration, a company that specializes in marine technology including ROV, AUV, side scan, and sub-bottom profiling technology. Rhonda has been involved in a number of expeditions around the world, including several with Dr. Robert Ballard. She has also served as lead science diver and underwater cinematographer for the University of Massachusetts School for Marine Science and Technology (SMAST) and for the University of Rhode Island.

Rhonda will share her work with the Ocean Explorium, including access to ongoing marine science projects via online blog, still and video photography, and occasional public presentations. Rhonda will also collaborate with the Ocean Explorium on high-level videos for display on the Science on a Sphere® exhibit.

Click here for Rhonda’s latest blog