Ocean Explorium Rays and Sharks Find a New Home in Mystic


The Ocean Explorium packed up the Rays and Sharks and prepared them for a road trip to Mystic Aquarium where they will be incorporated into the Mystic Aquarium Exhibits. There was a well-orchestrated process as each animal was captured and gently transferred to the Mystic Aquarium transport vehicle. The cow nose rays were transferred easily […] Read more »

Inaugural “Explorer Days” at Buttonwood Park Zoo

Touch Experience

In collaboration with the Buttonwood Park Zoo Education Department, the Ocean Explorium has inaugurated a series of “Explorer Days” at Buttonwood Park Zoo to introduce the Zoo audience to the Ocean Explorium living exhibits and elements of its educational programming.  The Ocean Explorium staff and volunteers will offer themed activities and an assortment of marine […] Read more »

Ocean Explorium to move programs and exhibits to the Buttonwood Park Zoo


The Ocean Explorium Board of Governors has begun a fundraising campaign to support the transfer of its programs and assets, including the Science on a Sphere® exhibit, on permanent loan from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, to the Buttonwood Park Zoo, where they will continue to serve as integral components of the Zoo’s educational programming. […] Read more »


Dan Trifone and Mars

OCEAN EXPLORIUM HELPS NASA SOLVE MARS CLIMATE MYSTERY: Maven Spacecraft Will Begin Orbiting the Red Planet on September 21 and Start Collecting Clues When NASA’s MAVEN mission reaches Mars on September 21, scientists hope to answer one of the solar system’s biggest mysteries: What happened to the once Earth-like atmosphere of the red planet? Although […] Read more »

Free Fun Friday at the Ocean Explorium!


  Once again, the Ocean Explorium has been selected to participate again in the Free Fun Fridays program funded by the Highland Street Foundation. Venues are chosen through a competitive application process, which the Ocean Explorium pursued in order to provide access for families in the community who might not otherwise be able to visit. […] Read more »

World Cup Data on Science on a Sphere®!

2014 World Cup Ball_opt

NEW BEDFORD, MA (June 19, 2014)– Calling all Futbol Fans! Stop by the Ocean Explorium this weekend and learn more about your favorite sport during the World Cup! The spectacular Science on a Sphere® is the perfect device to illustrate a collection of soccer ball designs and data, developed by the Advanced Visualization Lab at Indiana […] Read more »

White Spotted Bamboo Shark Hatches at Ocean Explorium

NEW BEDFORD, MA (June 11, 2014)—The Ocean Explorium is pleased to announce the arrival of a baby White Spotted Bamboo Shark.  After approximately 100 days in the egg, this fully-formed young shark hatched Sunday morning. Exhibit Curator Warren Gibbons, said “We are very excited.  Visitors are most attracted to young animals.  There was a tremendous response two and a half […] Read more »

Ocean Explorium Summer Camps Enrolling Now!


NEW BEDFORD, MA (April 10, 2014) — Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner, which means it is time to think about Camp! Once again, the Ocean Explorium will host two week-long summer camps, one in July and one in August.  The first week, July 14 – 18, is themed “Corals, Crustaceans and Clown […] Read more »

April Vacation Activities Announced!

Come check out some plankton under a microscope!

NEW BEDFORD, MA (April 8, 2014) — Spring is here!  Every day, lawns and trees are turning a little greener, so it is seems only natural that the Ocean Explorium should celebrate “Plankton Week” during Spring vacation! Plankton are tiny drifting organisms as well as the larval form of marine plants and animals.  Phytoplanton (the plants) are […] Read more »

The Ocean Explorium welcomes The Solar Decathlon Design Team!

image courtesy of: http://news.brown.edu/pressreleases/2013/10/decathlon

 NEW BEDFORD, MA (March 27, 2014) — The Ocean Explorium invites engineers, architects, designers and all who are interested in a leaner, greener lifestyle to join us for the next Global Voice. On Wednesday, April 9, the Ocean Explorium will welcome the Solar Decathlon team from Brown University, the Rhode Island School of Design and […] Read more »