Ocean Explorium Rays and Sharks Find a New Home in Mystic


The Ocean Explorium packed up the Rays and Sharks and prepared them for a road trip to Mystic Aquarium where they will be incorporated into the Mystic Aquarium Exhibits. There was a well-orchestrated process as each animal was captured and gently transferred to the Mystic Aquarium transport vehicle. The cow nose rays were transferred easily […] Read more »


Dan Trifone and Mars

OCEAN EXPLORIUM HELPS NASA SOLVE MARS CLIMATE MYSTERY: Maven Spacecraft Will Begin Orbiting the Red Planet on September 21 and Start Collecting Clues When NASA’s MAVEN mission reaches Mars on September 21, scientists hope to answer one of the solar system’s biggest mysteries: What happened to the once Earth-like atmosphere of the red planet? Although […] Read more »

NASA Declares an Inevitable Rise in Sea Level


Two separate studies, one by NASA and the other by the University of Washington, have concluded that the collapse of the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet is now inevitable and will result in up to a 4 meter rise in world-wide sea level over the next 200-1000 years.  This verdict was reached through a combination of […] Read more »

Waves Found on Titan!

image courtesy of http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-26622586

Scientists have been searching for water and signs of life on other planets for years, but recent images of Saturn’s moon Titan may have documented the first liquid waves in one of the moon’s larger seas, Punga Mare. In recent fly-by missions, the probe circling Titan took many images of the moon’s surface.  This surface […] Read more »

Is There an Ocean Beneath the Earth’s Crust?

image courtesy of http://www.sci-news.com/geology/science-ringwoodite-oceans-beneath-earth-01806.html

Have you ever fantasized about a Middle Earth-like world beneath the Earth’s crust, or deep in the ocean, where only mythical creatures can live? What if such a place really exists? The discovery of a seemingly worthless brown diamond in a riverbed in Mato Grosso, Brazil, has made those fantasy worlds of our childhood a […] Read more »

Counting Whales via Satellite?!?

This is a satellite versus aerial view of southern right whales.
Credit: British Antarctic Survey, CC-BY

Historically speaking, marine mammals have been very difficult to count for population estimates.  With the help of stronger satellite imaging, scientists and conservationists from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have found a way to more accurately provide whale species estimates at a lower cost than the traditional methods previously used. Using one image of the […] Read more »

Help Out a Marine Biologist!

Humpback whale tail. Photo credit: NOAA/AFSC.

Have you always dreamed of being a marine biologist? Maybe you just love taking pictures while out on your boat. Either way, you could make a huge difference in the marine science community! ‘Sailors for the Sea’, a non-profit ocean conservation organization, is calling all boaters from the North Atlantic to the Caribbean to become […] Read more »

Photo Blog: Abby the Doll’s Adventures at OE!

Following Abby's instruction, students reach in to touch the rays and sharks.

Abby is the brainchild of Mike and Heidi de Maine who blog “Abby’s Aquarium Adventures” at www.abby.co.za. These are just some of the skills Abby employed during her visit to the Ocean Explorium.  Dressed in miniature waterproof overalls, and with her sleeves rolled up, Abby came prepared to work. Read more about Abby’s adventures at the Ocean Explorium […] Read more »

Warmer Sea Temperatures May Cause Smaller Fish

Haddock are among the species that scientists found are declining in size in the North Sea. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A recent study conducted by the University of Aberdeen and funded by Marine Scotland Science looked back at the maximum length of several white fish that populate the North Sea. According to the study, over the last 38 years the length of fish like whiting, sole, herring, haddock, plaice and Norway pout have decreased by […] Read more »

Meet Maybelle!

Maybelle and her new octopus stuffed animal!

Meet Maybelle Chirgwin from Mattapoisett, she is only 19 months old and still learning to talk but can tell you all about the different animals we have at the Ocean Explorium!  Vanessa, Maybelle’s mom, credits the Ocean Explorium with helping her daughter say her first words! Vanessa told us that when Maybelle was a year […] Read more »