Do you love the clownfish or the lumpfish or the rays?

Now you can help your favorite animal at the OE by adopting the habitat where it lives!

Your adoption package includes a laminated Certificate of Adoption, in effect for one year; a book and toy keepsake related to the habitat; and educational materials specific to the habitat you select. You will also receive regular updates on what is happening in the habitat you choose – here in the Ocean Explorium and in the wild ocean. You will also receive a 50% discount on the cost to feed the animals in your selected habitat, at designated times (48″ height requirement must be met). That’s a real benefit package!

  • Habitats         
  •                      Cost
    1. Ray and Shark Touch Tank $50.00
      Coral Reef Ecosystem $50.00
      Rocky Shore Touch Tank $35.00
      Scallop Touch Tank $35.00
      Seahorses Habitat $35.00
      Jellyfish Habitat $35.00
      Clownfish, Anemones $35.00
      Local Fishes $35.00
      Sandy Bottom $35.00


Adopt-a-Habitat is a ‘green’ gift for the budding marine scientist. Habitat adoptions support the living exhibits in the Ocean Explorium. Living exhibits require a great deal of time, material and effort to keep them in good working order. As you can imagine, the habitats require a lot of water: on average, each tank receives 1/3 to 1/2 of its volume each month. We purchase salt and make our own seawater, and we test the water in each habitat each week for pH, alkalinity, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and more.

Lastly, each tank in the Ocean Explorium has its own life support system. Our filtration systems are exposed so that guests can observe the pumps and filters, which replicate natural processes. In addition, lights above each tank run on timers, to mimic the sun’s daily cycle.

Click here to Adopt-a-Habitat today! 

Thank you!

Your support for Adopt – a – Habitat provides a unique learning experience and an introduction to stewardship – caring for our ocean and the diverse life within it.