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The Ocean Explorium has closed its public hours.

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fish arrowThe fish are on the move!

Help the fish find their way to the Buttonwood Park Zoo!

One fish, two fish, the fish are Zoo fish!

Soon, the Anemone Fish will be setting up house in the Main Lobby at the Zoo along with a Poison Dart Frog exhibit to introduce the new experiences at the Zoo. The Jellies and Seahorses will move into the Wildlife Education Center to promote place-based learning.

The Buttonwood Park Zoo Aquatics Center will be redesigned to explore the theme Water, from the Atmosphere to the Ocean. The blending of the Ocean Explorium into the Zoo will be most apparent as the Coral Reef and Coral Farm exhibits add vibrant color and motion to the freshwater tropical forest ecosystems.

The Move to the Zoo  is in process!  You Can Help!

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Help the Move to the Zoo:Lindsey coral with kids_opt

  • Pioneer the Movement – bring four new exhibits to the Zoo
  • Be the Foundation – donate to the redesign of the Aquatics Center
  • Stamp your Approval – purchase a named tile for our wall of honor
  • Be Recognized – Name your Favorite Exhibit!
  • Let us be your guide – support education programs at the Zoo!

Your contribution can be a thoughtful holiday gift and create a lasting legacy for your family.

The Rays have Moved to Mystic Aquarium!

20141112_121835_optMany thanks to our colleagues at the Mystic Aquarium for providing a new home for our Sharks and Rays.   This is the first step in the process to dismantle and transfer our exhibits.

Warren and the husbandry team and volunteers have been working hard to get all the exhibits broken down for storage or transfer to their eventual home at the Zoo.

The transfer of exhibits will be accomplished as the Move to the Zoo funds are secured!  Please do what you can today.

Click here for more details!


Visit us at the Zoo – Ocean Explorer Days!

Touch ExperienceDon’t forget! This Fall, we have Ocean Explorium Explorer Zone Days at the Buttonwood Park Zoo!.

Here’s your chance to learn a little more about our planet and amazing animals that call the ocean home.

Join us at the Zoo on Saturday, Nov 15 and Dec 13 from 1 – 3 pm.

November 15: Invertebrates
December 13: Solar System